Pandemic Portland food stories you won't read anywhere else

A joint project by Samantha Bakall and Jonathan Kauffman, plus the occasional other contributor.

Welcome to SIX FEED, a weekly-ish email newsletter about how Portlanders are nourishing their community as they navigate the pandemic, the economic crisis, and our ever-evolving “new normal.”

SIX FEED is brought to you by Jonathan Kauffman and Samantha Bakall. We’re Portland-based food journalists who have devoted much of our careers to honoring the restaurants and cooks you won’t read about in the national news, particularly those representing immigrant and marginalized communities. 

This newsletter is about our heroes: The cooks and bartenders and store owners and social workers who are making do with creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance -- and making things better for the people around them in the process. 

If you know of someone we should profile, email us at or (If you’re a writer and you have a story that is too small to pitch to a publication, but you really wish Portlanders knew about it, hit us up!)

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